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Our Team

Todd Bradberry MBA, Founder and CEO
Todd Bradberry is Founder and CEO of Parallel Management Company, a high-growth workplace learning and assessment company. He is also an award-winning business coach, a highly regarded professional speaker, and an all-around “Master” of Business Administration.

Unlike many learning and development professionals, Todd is a business leader first and foremost - a results-driven general manager from the front lines, not just a student of theory. He has successfully led ten different business teams based in seven different cities across the U.S. He has supervised over 2,000 employees at all levels and across business functions. Helping those people grow as leaders is Todd's passion - his "True North."

Todd and his high school sweetheart Beth recently moved to a 1913 town home in the city. Despite his country roots, Todd is embracing this new adventure, even as he struggles to parallel-park his pickup truck. On weekends, he reboots in the outdoors, where the parking is easier.

DiSC Style: iD

Typical of his “iD” style, Todd seeks to move forward with boldness and enthusiasm. His wife Beth, a classic “C” style, is a methodical, analytical decision maker. She refers to Todd’s style as “hasty.” Thirty-plus years of dinner decisions, Christmas decorating, and home improvement projects have taught them about personality styles, teamwork, and productive conflict. This learning reinforces and influences what Parallel Management Company teaches.

Erins headshot

Erin Leigh, VP of Marketing & Strategy, Certified DISC Facilitator
With a keen interest in psychology, decision-making, and the way people's minds work, strategist Erin Leigh is right at home creating and executing Parallel Management's marketing strategy. As an entrepreneur and founder of theNeatNiche, Erin applies her knowledge and decade+ of marketing experience to create problem-solving products and broadcast Parallel Management's powerful message. She also shares her love of DiSC with clients as a speaker, facilitator, and coach. 

With her love for organized spaces, efficient systems, and strategic action, you'll quickly discover the more streamlined and productive things are, the happier Erin is. When she’s not strategizing with clients, masterfully marketing, or facilitating DiSC workshops, you’ll find Erin reading Harry Potter, swinging on monkey bars, and spending as much time as possible outdoors.

DiSC Style: C

If you've seen Erin leading groups or speaking from stage, you might not guess she's an introvert, but her DiSC style paints a clear picture. As a C-style with additional D-style priorities, Erin can move from engaging speaker to contemplative thinker in a heartbeat. Her multiple priorities allow her to see both the big picture and the tiny details, often simultaneously. On a constant quest to learn, she's quick to assimilate new information into her repertoire. And like all true C-styles, she always wants things done right.

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Kristina Williams, Director of Operations
“Growing up” professionally at Goodwill Industries, where her initiative was rewarded with promotions and growth opportunities, Kristina evolved into a resourceful solution-seeker. As she quickly moved up in the ranks, her supervisors began to dub her their “right hand” or go-to person, someone they could call on for just about anything. And her direct reports knew they could count on her to be clear and supportive.

Inspired by her positive professional experience and the willingness of others to encourage her growth, Kristina discovered she had both the ability and the passion to positively influence the lives of others. Today, Kristina takes great joy in helping those with whom she works achieve their full potential, too.

Though you won’t find it in her job description, Kristina’s most important role on the Parallel Management team is that of mediator. To keep things on track and moving forward smoothly, she helps the Enterprise Team find cohesion by helping Todd’s iD style and Erin’s C style reach happy mediums the whole team can get behind.

When it’s time for a well-deserved break, Kristina enjoys visiting the beach near her Florida home with her twin sons and best friend. On rainy days, you’ll find her studying Spanish.

DiSC Style: SC

With a combination SC style that merges the S’s supportive tendencies and the C’s desire for detailed accuracy, Kristina is calm, cool, and collected in the face of challenge. With a love for structured systems that encourage smooth, streamlined operations and a gift for translating complex information into clear, understandable messaging, she shines when it comes time to teach and train. Her intentional, steady efforts allow the whole team to get on the same page and move forward collaboratively and cohesively. In other words, she’s the glue that holds us together.

Somya's headshot

Somya Dwivedi-Burks, PhD, Certified DISC Facilitator, Director of Learning and Performance
The phrase that captures Dr. Somya’s passion is “building others.” She has lived this passion as a corporate trainer, learning consultant, intercultural coach, university professor, and researcher. Somya has a Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut and over ten years’ experience in the areas of learner engagement and team performance. As a learning consultant, Somya has helped organizations of all shapes and sizes by designing learning solutions, managing engagement, and measuring human performance improvement. Now as Director of Learning and Performance for Parallel Management Company, Somya is responsible for product development, course design, learning technologies, and research. She helps leaders make culture a verb by aligning workplace learning to business goals - driving team performance and ROI.

When Somya is not engaged in learning and performance with Parallel Management Company, she uses her experience as an immigrant to help build a more globally inclusive community. Somya serves as a chapter board member of the Virginia Center of Inclusive Communities, where she builds others through service.

DiSC Style: S

Building and nurturing relationships drives Somya. However, she can stretch to other styles, including going “D” when she needs to steer the conversation from “analysis paralysis” to getting stuff done.


Libby Dishner MLHR, ACC, Certified DISC Facilitator
Libby Dishner, MLHR, ACC, is a sought-after leadership coach, human resources strategist, and speaker. She helps people find success and happiness by reaching for their full potential.

Libby believes that people go to work to contribute something meaningful for both themselves and their organizations. No one goes to work to do a poor job. Leaders set the stage and enable their teammates to perform or not.

Her philosophy is that people can, and should, show up energized and have a little fun every single day. That combination delivers results and it’s up to the leaders to create that culture.

Libby brings 20+ years of corporate experience to her role as coach and consultant, most recently as an HR executive. She holds a Master’s in Human Resources and is credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Associate Certified Coach. With Libby’s experience and education, it’s no surprise that she enjoys her work with individuals and organizations as they develop and implement leadership programs, coaching and HR strategies.

Libby is passionate about proliferating coaching skills throughout organizations and the world. She is currently working on a pro-bono project to bring coaching into the school systems in Richmond, Virginia. She feels strongly about giving back so she is involved in her community and sits on several nonprofit and association boards. She is currently president of the Virginia Charter Chapter of the International Coach Federation.

DiSC Style: iS

If there is one word to describe Libby, it is “warm.” She is genuinely interested in others, and naturally enthusiastic. This is evident upon first meeting her and has served her well as an executive and coach. Libby has learned through experience to guard against taking on too much and chasing shiny objects.

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