Hiring is a little like scouring through Netflix for your next show to binge.

On Netflix, you have so many choices, and the opportunities for entertainment are endless. Recommendations from friends could be too slapstick for your taste, and although some programs might be critically acclaimed, they may not be your style. Make the wrong choice, and you have just wasted hours of scarce leisure time that you will never get back.

We previously introduced a short-cut to “people reading,” using one of the two dimensions of human behavior - pace. We choose pace as the first criteria because (1) it can be easily observed, and (2) pace is an indicator of decision-making style. How fast someone moves predicts how quickly they will make decisions. Good to know in a new business relationship. A salesperson, for example, should adapt her pace to the prospect’s, so not to move too quickly or slowly toward a sale.

After practicing the observation of pace, we are ready to evaluate on the second dimension of human behavior, Acceptance, a preference for people or facts. We ask, “is she more Questioning and Skeptical, or Warm and Accepting?” Sometimes it is obvious. If he is extra “bubbly” and enthusiastic, he tends to orient toward people. If he wants to go straight to the spreadsheets without any chit-chat, he is likely more logical.

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