At Parallel Management, we guide team leaders to manage strategy and culture in parallel, resulting in productive, profitable teaming. 

We understand that the value of a company comes in two parts: the systems that drive it, and the people who manage those systems. Without both, a business cannot succeed, which is why we always take a dual approach: guiding team leaders to manage both their business systems and their teams strategically and in parallel. 

When systems are solid and teams are working together productively, the result is a state of rhythm and flow

Work Productively… from Home? The WFH Productivity Problem


With 2020 behind us, we've all become better at handling uncertainty. But many remote teams are still struggling with:

  • Lack of interpersonal connection and team collaboration
  • Zoom meeting burnout
  • Constant workspace distractions
  • Poor productivity and missed deadlines

For many organizations, what was once an engaged, collaborative culture has devolved into a discouraged, disconnected, and distracted remote workforce. In our largely remote world, the authentic human connections that fuel cohesive teams must be reimagined. That puts leaders in a tough spot: How do you support your team's ability to engage, collaborate, and adapt in the middle of continued uncertainty?

Remote work is here to stay. Let's make the most of it.

As we find ourselves and our teams working remotely, now more than ever, the way we team matters. 

Organizations are responding by adopting matrixed organizational structures that enable agility and cross-functional collaboration, but also create a new set of challenges. The ability for individuals within an organization to work together effectively and productively is now more critical than ever—it’s time to rewrite the rules of teamwork.

Introducing The Five Behaviors® for Virtual Teams

The Five Behaviors for Virtual Teams is a learning experience based on the principles of The Five Behaviors Personal Development Solution with the goal to help learners develop the critical skills and behaviors to work effectively with others in the virtual workplace.

We're excited to annouce, the PXT Select brand is expanding to provide more resources to help improve talent management. Goes beyond hiring by engaging your team fully and creating a high-performance culture. PXT Select is your one-stop-shop talent management solution. 


We had the pleasure talking to Randy Sklar discussing: Mindsets. Relationship with money. Machines are Assets, People are People. Leaders build systems.

Tune in to Todd Bradberry's Live interview for a sneak preview of our book in progress. It's all coming together.  

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